Cheap fun

The weather has been beautiful lately, but let’s flash back to those colder, gray days from this winter.  How do you keep a toddler busy and happy while trapped inside?  Here are three of our successes from this winter.  The pictures are kind of dark and yellow (I’ve since figured out the white balance on my camera!), but you get the idea.

1.  Baking pan + popcorn kernels = great place to play with trucks!  We had fun with this one for weeks.  The pan I used had one of those snap on covers for traveling, so at the end of the night we just snapped the lid on and put it away until next time.  You could do the same thing with rice or dried beans.  The clean-up wasn’t too bad.  We explained that we needed to keep it all in the pan and, aside from a few spills from over-zealous truck driving, we were in good shape.

2.  Homemade Play-doh:  We used this recipe and it’s every bit as good as the ones you can buy.  We stored ours in little Rubbermaid containers and they lasted for weeks with no weird smell.  

3.  I don’t have a personal pic of this one, but it’s soooo easy and entertaining.  Colander + pipe cleaners = deep toddler concentration.

I should add that I’m definitely not creative enough to come up with these ideas on my own.  I’m resourceful.  All three of these ideas were taken from one of my favorite mommy blogs:  Thank goodness for stay-at-home moms who are willing to share their awesome ideas!

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  1. I love the colander and pipe cleaners!!!

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